New Media Art

Move beyond painting and discover how artists are using digital technologies as the new “paintbrush”. The idea of the artist experimenting with technology is not new, Edison was a film maker too! The early 1900’s were times when artists, scientist, engineer – all collaborated as innovators. The camera is the most popular result of this collaboration. 9 Evenings was an artist / engineer collaboration that heavily influenced modern times. Today, digital technologies offer the same opportunities for collaboration and indeed, demand it. In times of corporate power – it is very important that people take some control by experimenting with technology and asking questions about how the technologies and products marketed to us influence and affect our society. Art is a great avenue for this exploration. Here are a few of my favorites.

Lynn Hershman
A friend recently recommended me to look at her work, and I am thrilled. Not only is it great to see a woman working in digital media, but she has a great collection of work. Her website is worth checking out.

Artist’s working with modern technologies as avenues for artistic exploration.

Known for gaming art creations.

Mary Flanagan
Another artist who works in gaming.

Ken Goldberg
His work is fabulous! He is a professor at Berkley.

Mark Napier
A variety of interesting work.


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